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Boardroom Stickers

Are you looking for a bold new way to decorate your boardroom? Come and browse our amazing catalogue of boardroom wall stickers! We have so many wonderful designs for you to choose from in our collection, we are sure that you will find one that fits your needs perfectly!

Whether you need a decal for decorative purposes or a surface to present your ideas, our boardroom stickers were designed with you, the customer in mind to give you perfect results. You won't believe you haven't thought of it before!

Revamp your boardroom with our boardroom wall decals

Need a modern, exciting way to present your ideas? Want to impress your clientele with your decorating skills? Look no further than our interactive boardroom decals. Choose from either a black or white board surface to inspire your stuff and come up with new, exciting ideas. Collaboration time will never be the same again!

Not see a design you love in our collection? Have a very specific office boardroom sticker in mind? Not a problem! Our wonderful team of designers is here to help you! Our skilled group will design a sticker with you so you get exactly what you want! It will be the perfect fit for your space! Send us a message now via email or with a message on our website. It really is that simple to get a wonderful custom design!

Fancy that office boardroom decal in a shade of grey or blue? Not to worry! Many of our stickers can be produced in 50 different colours, just ask! Our stickers are also made to order so we can produce them in any size you like. Our decals are made from high quality vinyl and so are very easy to maintain. We know it will be the perfect fit for your space!

Worried you will have to hire a decorator to do the job? Save some money and do it yourself! Our wonderful collection of stickers are very easy to apply and won't leave any bubbles or wrinkles! Just follow our simple instructions which come with the product or one of our video tutorials online! You can even purchase a spatula on our website to make application that little bit easier!

Want to redecorate? Not a problem at all! Our office boardroom wall decals are very easy to remove and won't leave any residue or marks on your wall! So what are you waiting for? Buy now!

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