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Silhouette Wall Stickers

Fancy bringing a bit of creativity to your home? Not sure where to start? Look no further than our wonderful collection of silhouette wall stickers. Our huge category of decals is guaranteed to have a sticker you will love!

Browse our brilliant collection of silhouette decals. We have a wide range of silhouettes ranging from people doing sport and dancing to figures with  iconic quotes. We are sure you will find something that will fit right in with your home or office!

Spruce up your home with our Silhouette Stickers

Have an avid football, tennis or cyclist in the family? Why not treat to them to one of our sport silhouette stickers. From footballer wall stickers to tennis wall stickers we have it all! We are sure to please the  sports fanatic!

Huge fan of pop culture? Our collection of silhouette stickers includes silhouettes from the Beatles to Star Wars to Jane Austen Quotes. We really cover everything! Just choose the one that will complete your home, business or accessories! 

Feel like your business is missing something? Want to bring in some more customers? Our  brilliant stickers include the likes of dancer silhouettes and yoga silhouettes. Your clients will be so absorbed in your new atmosphere, they won't want to leave!

Fancy your decal in a different colour? Not an issue! All our silhouette decals can be printed in over 45 different colours and are custom printed to the size that you request. It really will be a perfect fit!

 Applying the sticker to a surface is easy and won't take long at all! Your order will come with some easy to follow instructions which will make your experience stress-free! We promise that your sticker will be perfect first time! Why not look at our instructions on our page below to see how easy it is! 

Removal? Also easy!  We know you will absolutely love our wall stickers but if you change your mind the stickers are easy to remove from a surface. Just check out our instructions below. You won't believe how easy it is and there will be no residue!

Can't find your perfect silhouette. Get in contact with our design team now! We will custom design and create your ideal decal and bring your vision to life! Contact us via email at: or send us a quick message on our website! It's that easy!

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