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Teddies and Stuffed Animals Wall Decor

Collection of designs inspired by teddys and other stuffed animals. Original and unique stickers ideal for decorating children's bedrooms and play areas.

Does your child have a favourite cuddly bear that goes everywhere with them? Why not decorate their bedroom in a way that is suited to them with this range of cute designs of teddy bears and other stuffed animals. They will love their teddy sticker!

Create charming and pleasant atmospheres in your home with these decals that can transform boring and lifeless spaces easily without fuss. Children will enjoy spending time in their rooms with these stickers that bring character and life.

What kind of teddies and stuffed animals stickers will I find?

A wide collection of designs that you can personalize with the name of your children so that they have a custom-made space, leaving behind the boring white and monotonous walls. These products allow you to give a touch of colour and fill the smallest room with life.

Some of the teddies and stuffed animals decals are bears that will decorate any room, there are a wide variety of designs with different themes and different styles so that you can find the one that best suits the smallest room.

The teddy bear stickers are very easy to apply so there are no bubbles inside, they integrate and blend perfectly into the wall. The products are made entirely to measure, depending on the size of the selections and the color for monocolour products. Monocolour products have a palette of more than 40 colors so you can have the color that best matches the decoration you are looking for for your wall.

The finish of the stickers is matte, in this way we avoid reflections with the interior or exterior light, making it totally adapted to the surface.

Make the smallest of the home participate in the selection of their decorative stickers for stuffed animals, in this way they will love to choose their new decoration and they will be looking forward to it to be able to place it and start enjoying the new decorative style that you have selected together.

All the rooms in your house deserve a beautiful, exclusive and original decoration in which you can spend as many hours as you want without getting bored, the adhesive products can be easily changed, to renew the decoration of the room and adapt it to the age of the More smalls. It is an affordable product that generates a great impact when you place it without having to make a great economic spill.

At Tenstickers we have a design team that can create the sticker that you are looking for, if you already have a design that you want to make on vinyl, do not hesitate to contact us to have your unique sticker, that nobody else will have, and that will leave everyone amazed. Buy a teddy bear decal today!
This nursery wall sticker consists of a teddy bear sleeping on a crescent moon amongst the stars. Sign up for 10% off now.
This nursery wall sticker consists of a teddy bear sleeping on a crescent moon amongst the stars. Sign up for 10% off now.

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