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Summer watermelon sale wall sticker

TenStickers. Summer watermelon sale wall sticker. Shop front window decal for sales, designed with watermelon and text that shows the percentage of your sales  offer. East to apply design

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
Front shop window decal to promote sales for your business. This design is created with fruits in very colourful style that you will love. This decorative front shop window decal also has text on the design that shows the percentage for what you are selling. This design will be nice on your mirror surface and you will admire it lot. This design is created from the best quality material , it is easy to apply , does not form air bubbles and you will appreciate it. You can chose the size you prefer this design and you will get it delivered with a short time.

Information about Summer watermelon sale wall sticker

Reference: A18175


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