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Alphabet vinyl rugs

Learning is made fun with our alphabet vinyl rugs. Trying to help your kids master the alphabet? These pvc vinyl alphabet rugs makes it so much easier! There is a pattern to suit any child and any room! From modern to animal themed, you kids will be learning in every room on your house. No child will be able to resist!

Our design team at Tenstickers have worked their hardest to provide you and your family these educational alphabet vinyl mats, with your children’s best interests in mind. Creating a bright, homely environment is extremely important to us and being able to add an educational value is a massive plus in our opinion.

ABCs made simple with our vinyl alphabet flooring

Aside from the clear educational benefits offered, our alphabetical vinyl carpet offers so many more benefits, such as adding warmth and depth to any room and protection from and spills, stains or scratches that we all know can be left behind after playtime. These mats will really revolutionise your day to day lives and great such a homely sensation, you won’t be able to go back to living life without them!

You'll be very happy to hear that our alphabetical vinyl rugs are incredibly easy to clean, just a simple wipe with water and say bye-bye to hoovering! Giving you the opportunity to spend more time with your kids. Our flooring is perfect for any busy household, or for anyone wanting incredible looking floors with a flawless finish, it's as easy as A B C. They are also pet and child friendly as well as being hypoallergenic!  Thank to this our products are extremely safe for your little ones and are guaranteed to provide a flawless finish to any room in your home!

We are also excited to tell you that we have a customisable vinyl alphabet mat option in this collection, allowing your kids to personalise their mats. This will increase their engagement as this learning experience will become more personal to them. Furthermore, with the custom measurements that we offer you can choose the size of your mat, so it fits in perfectly with any room.

Surround your child with education in the most fun of ways with the purchase of one of our vinyl alphabet rugs. Don’t miss out on giving your child this awesome educational learning opportunity.

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