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Bamboo pattern wall mural decal

TenStickers. Bamboo pattern wall mural decal. window mural sticker of a bamboo tree plant with a nice reveal of it features like the stem and nodes in green natural colour.

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Minimum Size 3 cm x 3 cm.


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Buy our Bamboo patterned window mural decal design with a bunch of bamboo plant in green colour, it texture looks like a typical bamboo you will find in any farm and and it can be applied on any window surface in the home. the window sticker mural of bamboo give a good reveal of it stem and nodes. Very easy to apply and it will appear very smooth with no air bubbles or wrinkles on it surface, You can chose the size you prefer and we will deliver it to you if you option to buy it online from us.

Information about Bamboo pattern wall mural decal

Reference: A17052


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