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Vintage vinyl rugs

Like the good old days? Want to give your rooms that retro feel from back in the day? Well with the addition of a vintage vinyl rug you can! These gorgeous designs will leave a lasting impression on your home. There is a pattern to suit everyone and any room! Our amazing collection has a huge variety of different designs, so we are sure you'll find something you love! 

Our design team have come up with a wonderful vintage vinyl mat collection that you just won’t be able to hold yourself back from falling in love with. From vinyl disks to stunning patterns everything you need to give your floor that amazing retro touch is right here, no need to look anywhere else!

Take your floor back in time with our vintage vinyl flooring

With the addition of a vintage vinyl carpet you will not only get transported but in time to much better days, but you will also gain all the benefits our stunning rugs have to offer, such and warmth and depth as well as offering a protective layer from spills, stains and scratches, adding an extremely homely environment. The character your home will gain with the addition of these mats is too good to miss out on!

Our products are super easy to apply as we want everyone to experience the joy of having a vinyl rug, not just experienced sticker appliers. Our pvc vintage vinyl rugs practically need no looking after as they are so easy to clean and maintain! A quick wipe with a damp cloth and your good to go again. No need to get that cumbersome hoover out again, allowing you more time to enjoy your retro flooring! These mats are also child and pet friendly as well as being hypoallergenic so no need to worry about any guests. Stress free, cheap and aesthetically pleasing! Why wouldn't you?

To add to this, this collection also allows you to personalise your products with customisable vintage vinyl rugs, with some giving you the option to add text and others even allowing you to have a photo on your mat! How amazing is that. Furthermore, with our custom measurement tool you are able to choose the perfect size rug to fit in your home, they will never look out of place.

Don’t leave it any longer! Browse our amazing collection of vintage vinyl mats now and find the best one for you and your home.

Beautiful vinyl rug with design of a big shark. The shark carpet is customizable with name. It is original and easy to maintain.
Beautiful vinyl rug with design of a big shark. The shark carpet is customizable with name. It is original and easy to maintain.

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