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Translucent Vinyl Sheets

Collection of translucent vinyl stickers. Decorative translucent decals that are ideal for maintaining privacy, or dividing two separate spaces while still allowing some light to pass through.

Translucent stickers with various fun patterns that are ideal for showers, windows or even spaces in your office that you want to keep private, or even use them to establish different working areas. Liven up empty spaces while also decorating in a practical way.

An easy and simple way to transform the rooms and completely change the decoration with the decorative bolting. Because changing the style does not have to generate complications or be expensive. Select the translucent window sticker you need now and completely change the way you decorate each room.

Decorative vinyl for translucent or frosted glass designed to protect the intimacy of the space without altering the luminosity of the exterior or to separate environments.

Translucent vinyl stickers for multiple options

They are the best option for decorating glass windows and doors since the vinyl paneling allows light to pass through the glass, but at the same time, it does not detract from the brightness and ensures that nothing is seen on the other side, for more privacy.

The translucent adhesive decal is used to decorate offices, offices, meeting rooms, shower screens ... There are a variety of translucent vinyl for glass of different colors, but the most widely used is the so-called acid effect vinyl (grayish in color).

In case you would like a translucent colored decorative vinyl for windows in our catalog you will find the option you want, having an infinite number of options and products to choose from.

In addition, our customization options are endless since you can choose the measures you require to cover the required surface to your liking.

Take a look at our translucent window decals and you will see that you can gain privacy at a very low cost. Our translucent vinyl is top quality!

All of our stickers are easy to apply and leave no residue upon removal. Choose from our range of sizes, or send us an email at if you require more specific sizes.

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