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Border Stickers

Great collection of border stickers that can add a beautiful finishing touch to any room in your home. Specially designed decals to be placed to create a border effect on your walls.

A range of designs including Greek style, floral and abstract illustrations. You are sure to find a border sticker that can fit in perfectly with the rest of your décor. Place anywhere you like, whether it be in the middle, bottom or top of your wall, customise it however you like!

All the members of your family will find their happiness in our wall friezes, as the choices are so varied!

As many models of wall stickers as there are possibilities for your decoration and as there are rooms to decorate. A drawing for a child's room? Flowers for your bathroom? Geometric patterns for your kitchen? Look no further: our catalog is very well stocked and our models can be personalized to match any size.



Our designs are all varied so that everyone can find the self-adhesive border stickers that suits them. Classic or modern, abstract or geometric style: everything goes under the expert hand of our team of designers.

Our selection of wall border stickers will help you give the final touch to your perfect and personal decoration, for any surface! Choose the one you like best and that best matches your style.

Because decoration, like any fashion that respects itself, does not stop evolving and changing, do not hesitate to change with it by indulging yourself in the temptation of wall frieze adhesives that you just need to remove from your wall once out of fashion.

Our catalog is regularly updated to adapt to the needs and desires of our customers. You will find the border stickers you need! If you cannot find the model you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to best meet your needs.

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