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Brick wallpapers

Why not add some bricks to your room? You won't have to go knocking through the plastering for these bricks either. It couldn't be easier and more cost effective with our brick wallpaper. We have lots of different colours, so if you're not a fan of red bricks, no worries we have grey, black, brown any colour! Have a look through this collection of brick effect wallpaper now and get building!

From realistic old school brick walls to modern chic ones, there is definitely brick wall wallpaper in our collection to suit everyone and every room thanks to the inclusivity of our wonderful team of designers. Why not bring your creative side out and get decorating you walls today, you will not regret it!

Find your inner builder with faux brick wallpaper!

Going back to your original plain walls will not be an option after applying one of our textured brick wallpapers because of the great additions they make to your home, making them a wonderful investment. The freedom to play will all the different styles you want will be all yours, letting your creativity run wild, all without having to commit the anything permanent or the worry of damage. Keeping you home up to date with all the current trends has never been easier! There is no doubt that these exposed brick wallpapers will make your rooms look beyond amazing, however the benefits don’t stop there, they also bring increased depth, style and warmth, making your home that much more unique and special to you!

Our brick pattern wallpaper has a wonderfully simple and easy application process, allowing any imperfections on your walls to be quickly hidden. Like bricks, our wallpaper won't become damaged easily, nor will they have problems like bubbles, rips or wrinkles! They also do not shine or reflect at all, so they will not intrude too much into your home yet will still have enough of an impact to look incredible! The durability of these brick look wallpapers is incomparable and can easily withstand the test of time, giving you the flexibility to change your wallpaper whenever you want! 

Our brickwork wallpaper, like all of our wallpaper, is very easy to apply and comes with clear application instructions as well as the instructions that you can find on our website, so there is no need to be concerned about this.

So why not take a browse at our brick style wallpaper now and get the look you've always wanted.

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