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Grey vinyl rugs

Scroll through our beautiful collection of grey vinyl rugs. They are the finishing touch that you've been looking for! Add this neutral colour to any room in your home. Grey is becoming the new 'it' colour, and you'll be making all your guests jealous with your amazing pvc grey vinyl mats

Our wonderful team of designers have opted to add this beautiful modern colour to our vast selection of rugs because it is a perfect backdrop to any style from classic to modern to contemporary. Nothing looks bad with grey and it will make all your furniture stand out. Grey vinyl rugs are a must have because this colour has stable and solid connotations, creating a calm and safe feeling, providing the perfect homely environment away from the chaotic world we live in.

Provide your rooms with a more homely sensation! 

The qualities rugs provide in any room are too great for you to miss out on! With the addition of any of our wonderful rugs, including our grey vinyl flooring, you will notice more warmth and light in your home. Providing you with the perfect personal touch and a more homely environment. The incredible benefits these flooring offer include brightening, protection from spills stains and scratches and the addition of so much character to your room that everyone will be jealous!

They don't even need hovering, just a wipe off with a damp cloth and you’re all sorted. Our vinyl carpets in grey are perfect for a busy household, or for anyone wanting incredible looking floors with a flawless finish. Suitable for households with pets, children, anything you can think of, as our products are built to last! So, don't let yourself worry about things like problems, tears and wrinkles!

At Tenstickers, we are always looking to take everything we do that one step further and don’t want to simply stop at providing you with a large variety of high-quality vinyl flooring, we want to offer more! As a result, there are multiple items in this collection that you can personalise. To create your customised grey vinyl rug you can add your own choice of text and choose the size of rug that best fits your room. All of this adds to the uniqueness your home will gain from the purchase of one of our mats. 

Don’t wait any longer! Purchase one of our grey vinyl rugs today and feel the benefits for yourself.

Everyone who likes Barcelona can now have a little piece of it in their house Panot Barcelona vinyl carpet to decorate any room!
Everyone who likes Barcelona can now have a little piece of it in their house Panot Barcelona vinyl carpet to decorate any room!

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