Tropical Palm Trees Living Room Wall Decor

TenStickers. Tropical Palm Trees wall sticker. Give any room in your home a more tropical feeling with this exotic palm tree wall decal. Choose from a range of over 50 colours!

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Give any room in your house I'm more tropical feel with this exotic palm tree wall decal. a flight to the Bahamas too expensive? Are you tired of slapping on all of that factor 50? Well bring the Bahamas into your home with this peaceful palm tree wall sticker. this wall sticker includes two palm trees as well as to seabirds flying overhead. All of our monochromatic wall stickers come with the option to choose from over 50 colours as well as a range of sizes. It's really easy to apply, bubble free and just as easy to remove with no marks, residue or damage left on your walls.


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Reference: A15059

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Silhouette Wall Stickers

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All Ages