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Vinyl Flooring

Does your room feel too big? Are you looking for a way to decorate your floor that is not too expensive? Well you are in the right place! Browse our fantastic collection of vinyl flooring stickers! Once you see these, your room just won't feel complete without these decals!

Our brilliant flooring decals are designed perfectly to fill your space. They are created with a special film to prevent slipping and scratching to the surface, so the fun never has to stop! Our floor decals  are also resistant and waterproof so you know they can stand the wear and tear of every day life!

Add some glamour to your home with our beautiful floor stickers

Do you want a way to revamp the kids' room? Are you looking for fun, interactive decor? This collection was practically made for you! Our collection includes classics such as hopscotch floor stickers as well as plenty of other games for your children to enjoy. The fun just won't stop!

Not see your perfect vinyl floor sticker here? Want to create your own? Our brilliant team are here to help you! Our expert team of skilled designers will work tirelessly with you to give you the perfect result! You won't believe how good they look when they arrive!

Floor stickers in the collection not your colour? Need it in grey or black? Browse our colour selection! We have over 45 different colours for you to choose from! Not have your ideal size on our website? Just let us know! We custom make all our stickers so we can create you one in whatever size you would like!

All out vinyl flooring decals are made from the finest quality vinyl to give you durable long lasting products. We promise they will last you for years! 

 The thought of applying the stickers stress you out? Think you might have to call in a decorator? You won't! All our stickers are very straightforward to apply and come with very easy instructions! You can check out our videos below if you don't believe us! You can even purchase a spatula from us to make it that little bit easier!

Child grown out of the room? Fancy a change? Not an issue! All our products are super easy to remove and will not leave any residue or glue on your surface! Just follow our simple instructions for removal. You will be shocked at how simple it is!
Decorate the walls of your home with this spectacularsticker with dashed lines.
Decorate the walls of your home with this spectacularsticker with dashed lines.

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