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Educational Stickers

Collection of educational decals & stickers. A variety of designs including; multiplication times tables, days of the week, meters rulers, numbers, world maps and more. Ideal for decorating children's bedrooms or school classrooms. 

Want to decorate in a way that will benefit your children? This range of designs allows you to brighten up any room while also adding an educational element. Colourful and eye-catching stickers that will attract children's attention. 

Ideal stickers for school classrooms to make them stand out and transform them from being dull and boring. Why use books to teach your children when you can use these teacher stickers instead!

What educational stickers and decorative stickers will I find?

There are a wide variety of educational stickers for your children or for schools, show them what the solar system is, the planets and how far they are from the sun, make science fun and original.

Decorating the walls with classroom rules, library rules, or home rules while encouraging them to learn English. Decorate with clouds of concepts about values ​​and mission of educational centers or show continents and oceans through very fun and colorful maps.

Create household rules for the day to day, do it in a different and unique way with colored educational vinyls that stimulate good behavior, collect toys, help at home, have respect or always say hello and say goodbye. Little habits that will change and adapt to the little ones.

Have them learn the multiplication tables or the periodic table with fun educational decals, so that they always have it visible on the wall of their room. They will do their homework and at the same time you will be giving a touch of personality at home.

Our stickers are made entirely to measure and on request, this allows us to create products so that they are completely integrated into the wall of your home or the surface you want according to your needs. Very easy to apply so there are no bubbles inside during application and with a matte finish to avoid reflections.

If you can not find the educational wall sticker you are looking for or the educational sticker according to your characteristics, do not hesitate to contact us, we have a graphic design team that is constantly creating new designs for all tastes and styles.

Decorate your place with decorative stickers that will leave everyone amazed.

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