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Emoji Wall Stickers

Collection of stickers that show icons and emojis, perfect for providing brand awareness, social media presence and simply adding a fun atmosphere to your business or home decor. A wide collection with numerous designs, as well as recycling stickers, with different themes, will serve to show everyone what to do, in a fun and original way

Choose form our wide range of colourful designs based on the symbols that have shaped modern life and add a touch of personality to your bedroom, living room or place of work.

These designs are super easy to apply and leave absolutely no residue if you decide to remove them! Available in a range of sizes and colours for a fully personalised product.

What icon stickers will I find?

A wide collection of stickers and decorative icon decals available for all tastes, from recycling icons to indicate in which container each product should be thrown, to signs of fire extinguishers, bathrooms or any surface you want, as long as it is smooth.

If you do not find the icon you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us, we have a graphic design team that is constantly updating the catalogue and can also create unique icon wall stickers for you and according to your needs. At Tenstickers we manufacture on request and this allows us to adapt to the requirements and needs of the client.

Create rooms where you feel comfortable and have everything you need, where you can stay as many hours as you want and make a difference with the decoration, at the same time that it will be useful. You can place the stickers on any surface, some common surfaces such as walls or windows, but you can also place them on furniture, appliances, laptops or any type of accessory.

The icon stickers can be monocolored, with a palette of more than 40 colors to choose from or multi-colored, to give life and joy to the walls with very vivid tones that give depth to your space. You will not regret placing these products and decorating in a different and original way.

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