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Games Stickers

Collection of designs inspired by classic games. Decals and stickers that are great for decorating bedrooms and play areas for children.

Whether your children love playground games such as hopscotch and see-saw, or classic board games, with these stickers you can choose from a range of designs that will appeal to all children, and also remind you of your youth. Why not pass on your favourite past times to your little ones?

A selection of illustrations that will make bedrooms and also play areas stand out and inspire children to have fun! You will love our game decals!

What kind of game stickers will I find?

There are a wide variety of very colourful designs, they blend perfectly with the surfaces of your room, be it the wall, furniture, windows or the floor.

One of the children's favourite games is hopscotch, the hopscotch stickers designs are very varied, in the form of a rocket, in a classic way or simply very colourful to give depth and life to the instance.

It is a good way to decorate a children's room in a simple and fast way, generating a great impact at an economical price. They are very easy to install so that there are no bubbles inside and they integrate perfectly, the finish is matte to avoid reflection  from outside light. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

You can complement the decoration of the rooms with other game designs such as the Twister game, the tic tac toe, bowling or a magnificent children's car circuit to stick on the ground and make their little cars run. in a fun and original way.

An exclusive decoration with stickers of games and original stickers that will be perfect in the rooms. Create the space they deserve and make them spend as many hours as they want having fun in a special place, your home will breathe decoration and it will be totally made to measure and to your liking.

If you want the little ones to have a great time with their new stickers, have them participate to select which design they like the most, to see which design will best suit their room and thus they will be eager to be able to have it already at home.

If you can not find the game wall sticker you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us, we have a graphic design team that is constantly improving and expanding the collection of designs, you can also create a sticker completely made to measure, either from the catalog or new based on an idea you have. You only have to indicate the size and color to be able to carry out, all the products are made to measure so that you have a great and exclusive experience.

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