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Festivals and Holiday Wall Stickers

Check out this fantastic collection of holiday stickers! Now you can decorate and add a unique and personal touch to your holiday or event decoration! We are certain that all the guests invited to your event or holiday celebrations will be impressed and in awe of your fantastic holiday decals!  You can apply your designs on walls or any smooth, flat surface such as smartphones, laptops, furniture or other accessories.
The design you purchase will be completely made as per your request, so you will recieve the most perfect vinyl holiday sticker for your event or celebration!

Holidays and festivities of all kinds, find the perfect product for your event and celebration!

Our design team have crafted many designs in our catalog, suitable for all audiences, rooms or surfaces, you will find designs for events such as:

Stickers for Mother's Day and Father's Day, weddings, birthdays and many more. Using these stickers everyone will remember how special those days are, from growing up, to thanking your mum or dad for everything they do, to tying the knot! Celebrate using our event decals!

Of course we have vinyl holiday decals for the most popular events, each having their own subcategory, but you will also find these products among the hundreds of designs on this page, Valentine's Day, Halloween, weddings, Christmas and much more.

We also have Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday event stickers, which are perfect for applying in your shop window. Using these fantastic designs you'll attract in the crowds looking for a bargain!

Don't forget, here at TenStickers we offer the unique opportunity of creating a completely personalised holiday sticker! If you are after something that we don't have in our collection then just simply email us! Send across a sample image of what you would like, along with details such as sizing and quantity and we can make it for you! Some of our designs in this collection can be customised too! You can customise things such as colour, or adding your name, company name or your kid's name! Browse our customised holiday stickers now!

Go on, add a personal touch to your decorations this year, you'll be able to create some amazing memories thanks to these festival stickers! We provide our products at a low price without sacraficing quality. We only use the highest quality vinyl material. You'll feel so proud when you finish applying your designs and looking at how great it all looks! Browse now!

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