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Ikea Decals

A fantastic selection of Ikea stickers for your perusal! An amazing variety of products, designed especially for Ikea products - What more could you want? Stickers for furniture, cabinets and for just about everything else they sell - If you are looking for some Ikea wall stickers, you have come to the right place! The Swedish giant truly is one of the most powerful and great brands in the world - We have all taken a visit to experience the magic of the store - Whether it be the cafe, the furniture or some other place which may appeal to you! And we have also all had the war with the flat pack furniture - But, if you managed to successfully build the furniture then you need to take advantage of your success by adding an Ikea decal to your room!

Decorate your Ikea Products with Ikea Stickers

It has always baffled us that the Swedes do not provide their own decorative decals - They are absolutely perfect for the furniture and accessories they provide! However, their loss is our gain, because our designers have created a stunning selection of Ikea accessory stickers, for kids and adults alike! Yes, you heard us correctly - Whether you are a child or an adult; these Ikea vinyl stickers might just be perfect for you! We have decals for chair, cabinet, table and just about everything else!

And, don´t forget, our designs are openly and fully customisable, so, whatever you would like to change, we can do, while we can also make a new customisable Ikea sticker from scratch - Don´t worry - You will not have to assemble it yourself with as much difficulty as flatpack furniture so why not consider getting your very own personalised Ikea sticker?! 

In our catalogue, you will also find a great variety of decorative themes and colours, so, whatever you are looking for - we probably cater to that need in one way or another!

Finally, don´t forget the superb guarantee of quality provided by our Ikea decorative decals - We use the highest quality of vinyl in the business - So, you can benefit from absolute ease of application, superb durability, a 15 year lifespan and the huge benefit of our decals leaving absolutely no damage or residue upon removal - Making these Ikea vinyl decals perfect for short term use! So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our collection now!

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