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Jazz & Blues Wall Decor

Collection of designs inspired by jazz & blues music. Exclusive & original designs inspired by the genres that originated from African American communities during the late 19th century.

Soulful decals
with portraits of your favourite jazz and blues musicians such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Benny Goodman. Choose from a variety of stickers with images of iconic artists that influenced this popular genre. Or even places some of their most famous lyrics on your wall.

High quality decals that are easy to apply anywhere. Ideal for bedrooms or your own personal music studio at home.

Jazz and Blues stickers to decorate!

A wide selection to create your Jazz corner, give personality to your business or your music venue with a different touch that no one else will have. Jazz stickers can be placed on walls, furniture, windows, vehicles or appliances for a personal style.

Find designs with lyrics, illustrations by vocalists and instrumentalists like Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker. Silhouettes of saxophonists or trumpeters. A wide variety of Jazz and Blues decorative stickers. A singular and unique style of music that millions of people listen to every day.

If you can't find the Jazz or Blues sticker you are looking for, please feel free to contact us, we have a graphic design team who can create the artwork you want, according to your specifications and needs, size and the desired color, so that you have a unique product.

The blues and jazz stickers are easy to place, so there are no bubbles inside. They fit perfectly into your walls and are very aesthetic. They have a matte finish to avoid reflections with light inside or outside.

The time has come to change the decoration, to create a comfortable space or home where you can spend as many hours as you want without getting bored.

You have the choice between more than 40 colors of Jazz and Blues stickers for monochrome products. For multi-colored products, the workmanship is excellent, the color is vivid and will completely change the atmosphere of your room. The size can be chosen according to your needs, so that it matches the surface you need.

Complement the decoration of your home with other products or other themes that will help create the atmosphere you want. The sticker is easy to remove or peel off, leaving no traces on the wall and thus allowing the decoration to be changed quickly and easily.

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