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Other Sports Wall Décor

Take a look at our collection of other sport based stickers for decorating your bedroom, gym or sports centre. Choose from a wide range of stickers showing off sports that don't get enough recognition; rowing, volley ball, pool, wind surfing and more!

Sport is something that is really important and not only for your health. Grab one of our other sports decals and make your room a better place.  They are perfect to keep being motivated or simply to show off your love for the sport. 

Win every time with our marvellous other sports wall decals

 Give your room some character. We know that you will want to spend all your time in your newly decorated room, you may even feel encouraged to get moving and do a workout!

 If you can't find the design you were after,  no problem, we will be happy to help you! Just email us at, share us your idea and we will design your personalised other sport sticker just for you!

All of our designs are really easy to apply, any doubt just watch our videos and it will also not leave any residue upon removal.
Our sport stickers are  available in various sizes and you can also email us if you want a custom size. Moreover, we have a large range of colours,  over 49 colours to choose from! 

So let us create the perfect sticker for your place!  

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