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Plain Vinyl Sheets

Collection of plain vinyl sheet stickers with plain block colours. A wide variety of colours to choose from. Practical decals to decorate your home.

This selection of plain colour sheet stickers are great for covering empty spaces easily, and you don't have to worry about making a mess with paint! All these decals are easy to apply and they won't leave any residue on removal.

Transform your walls and your accessories in minutes with these sheet stickers that take the stress out of decorating. Select from our range of sizes, or email us at  if you require specific sizes.

It will be really easy to personalize and decorate any part of your home with taste and style! Let yourself be taken by a new way of understanding your home furnishings and start thinking outside the box!

Thanks to our Plain Coloured Vinyl Stickers it will be possible to change every aspect of your house, from the smallest detail to the most eye-catching objects! You can cover anything you don't like with the colors you want!

 Forget those hard jobs or the expensive expenses of getting new furniture, which then keep you busy for days! In fact, thanks to these coloured vinyl sheets you will be able to cover any object of the house, drawers, sideboards, cabinets, display cabinets, windows, walls and whoever has more, you can now totally revolutionise your home design at a very minimal cost !

Let us help you in the difficult challenge of renovating and improving your place 

The great variety of these magnificent plain colored wall stickers and their great quality makes them ideal for the decoration of all environments. Choose size and color. They are also available in translucent.
If you are thinking of decorating your furniture, do not miss these incredible colored adhesive sheets which are made up of colored pieces with great chromatic variety that will transform the space into a completely unique place. Select the sticker and the color you prefer.

1-24 of 30 wall stickers