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Rome Wall Stickers

Collection of designs based on the historical capital city of Rome. If you are fond of this Italian city then you are sure to love this selection of beautiful decals.

A range of text stickers, wall murals, and other creative illustrations inspired by Rome. Feel as though you are wandering through the magnificent streets of this city from the comfort of your own home with a detailed design that can add instant style and character to your rooms.

Available in many sizes and colours to best suit you and the space that you want to decorate.

How to decorate my house with Rome stickers?

There is a wide variety of Rome stickers, so you can find the one that best suits your needs, you can choose the size of your product and in the case of single-color stickers you have a palette of over 40 colors to choose from. find the one that suits you best for your interior.

Drawings like the word Rome, for example, made from images where you can see the flag, the Colosseum, the pantheon and many other monuments characteristic of this great city.

Illustrations of the silhouette of this great city, so that you have at first sight all the main characteristic monuments and can enjoy a new decoration. If you are passionate about Roman culture and this great city, you will surely like to tailor your home and create environments with these Rome stickers.

Roman text stickers and designs such as the phrase Veni Vidi Vici or Ave Cesar Morituri Te Salutant. Mythical phrases from Roman culture that will show your good taste for decoration.

These models are suitable for any room, from the living room to the bedroom, including the kitchen and the dining room. Our decorative stickers can be placed on any flat surface, from walls to furniture, appliances, glass or screens.

Rome adhesives are easy to apply, there are no bubbles inside during application, they integrate and blend perfectly with the surface. They are easy to wash with a damp cloth and have a matte finish, so there is no reflection of exterior or interior light.

Bring a piece of the Italian capital home and leave all your guests amazed!

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