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Space Stickers

Space inspired kids wall stickers. Decorate the room with sci-fi decals, perfect for adding a touch of excitement to your child's bedroom.

Wall stickers of the moon and stars to make your child feel like they're exploring outer space, with all the added robots and aliens you might find there. Choose from a collection or sticker sets or individual stickers to find the decor that best suits your home or business.

All our designs are easy to apply and remove leaving no residue behind when removed. If you can't find a space wall sticker you like, just contact us at and we can design one for you. Our graphic design team can adapt and create your order according to your characteristics and needs.

How to decorate a children's room with space stickers?

The children's space stickers will adapt to your surfaces, since you can select the size you want, and in single-color vinyls you will find more than 40 colors to choose from. All this so that you have a fully integrated product adapted to the room.

The decoration of furniture and walls is very wide with this theme, the decoration styles that you can have are based on your character and your taste for decoration, since the children's illustrations of the space will meet your needs.

Find products like solar systems, star rockets. Fun illustrations of the planets or personalized space stickers with your children's names.

It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and the material's finish is matte to avoid reflections of interior or exterior light.

The time has come to decorate the house and the rooms you want to have rooms fully adapted to your tastes, in which you or your family can spend as many hours as you want without getting bored and leaving behind the monotonous white walls.

Make going to sleep an adventure full of creativity with these space decals, which will leave you totally delighted with the new wall full of colors and life, which at the same time will give depth. An economic decoration that will allow you to renew it when you need it, as the little ones grow, you will be able to find new designs that will be totally adapted to their needs.

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