Straight Outta Customisable Text Sticker

TenStickers. Straight Outta Customisable Text Sticker. Add a hip-hop inspired decal to your home with this fantastic customisable wall sticker, creating all sorts of possibilities! Discounts available.

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Straight Outta Compton - One of the most iconic phrases in modern history. Starting with Ice Cube, Dr Dre et al, developing with the brilliant film of a few years ago, and now culminating in this superb customisable wall sticker! Depicts the words ´Straight outta´, with the final word open to be customised, so whether it is the word ´bed´ to motivate you further, or anything else you fancy, like your place of birth, it is sure to look great on this wall text decal!

Available in a variety of sizes. Like all of our decals, it is easy to apply and extremely long-lasting. Made using bubble-proof vinyl and leaves no damage or residue upon removal.

Information about Straight Outta Customisable Text Sticker

Reference: A13863


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