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Other vintage wallpapers

Love the vintage look? Why not take a look at our collection of other vintage wallpapers. We are 100% certain you'll fall in love with these designs. With vintage floral patterns, classic art of the time, vintage colour themes, you'll find your perfect other vintage themed wallpapers within this collection. 

These other vintage wall coverings are perfect for adding a touch of the 70s, 80s and 90s as well as a lot of individuality to any of your walls! This collection of wallpaper will transform any space in your home! The design team have definitely thought outside of the box with this collection, so if you are after something really unique you are in the correct place! Have a look through this ever-expanding catalogue of other vintage design wallpapers and select the one for you!

Nothing but the best other vintage wall paste ups!

Once applied, these beautiful other vintage hang ups will allow you to see what a great investment they actually are into your home. Unlike many other wallpapers, these give you the freedom to decorate your walls in whatever way you like, without any commitment of a permanent nature or damage caused to your walls, allowing you to take advantage of current styles and trends that previously you may not have been able to! Everyone will envy the fact that you have the trendiest home décor around! These other vintage hangs not only provide to you the incredible looking wall that you have always wanted, but they also bring additional benefits such as increased depth, style and warmth, making for a more naturally homely surrounding!

Our other vintage style wallpapers are easy to apply, with all the instructions that you could need included in your order, as well as on our website, where advice on recommended tools and advice for prior, during and post application and picture instructions can be found. The material is extremely durable, and resistant to problems such as tears, wrinkles and bubbles. There is also no need to worry about any shine or reflection from stray light, as these products are resistant, making them suitable for any and every home. Because of their long-lasting nature you are able to change up your wallpaper every year or every 10 years. There are no limitations with our other vintage style wall coverings!

High quality and low prices, get your hands on your own today! Do not miss out on these stunning other vintage wallpapers.

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